ATC Designing a School

ESSAY:  Respond using between 500-700 words.  Suppose you have been given the opportunity to design the “ideal school.” Select three important elements you would include in your plan to maximize the academic achievement and social development of the children who will attend. Be sure to explain why you made such specific choices (based on theory).  Be sure to reference specific theorists’ approaches when justifying why you would implement a specific policy for your school.  You have substantial sources such as … Locke, Rousseau, Piaget, Vygotsky, Burton & Clark, McLoyd, Montessori, Erickson, Gopnik, etc…

Remember that in a school there are bound to be clicks, different levels of learning, income differences, ethnic/racial diversity, rural/urban settings, gender issue, etc.  Your job is to tell me how you will handle these situations via some of the theories we have discussed throughout the semester while improving the child’s academic and social growth.

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