Kentucky Prescribing Laws by State DEA Regulations and Telehealth

create a PowerPoint presentation related to prescribing laws OHIO. Provide supporting documentation and resource Links. The content of your presentation must be a minimum of 5 slides in length; in addition, you should include a title slide and reference slide in APA format.

Include the following information in your presentation:

Look up the APRN prescribing regulations in your state.

Title slide

Introduction (what state are you reviewing? Is it an independent APRN state or does it require collaboration/supervision?)

What are the safe prescribing recommendations for APRNs in your state? This will vary depending on the level of practice authority.

Does your state have a prescription drug monitoring program? If so, explain. If not, please describe current legislation regarding this topic.

What are the barriers to APRNs prescribing in your state?

What local or national organizations are available for you to join to support the cause for advancing practice/prescribing for APRNs?

What are the telehealth specific laws for your state?

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