Technology Has Significantly Revolutionized from Time in History to Date

Answer the following question thoroughly after you have read the module 6 materials. Please remember to reply to at least one other student in order to receive maximum credit.

Describe how modern-day technologies are assisting police agencies, courts, and correctional institutions. In your discussion, please include examples.

I am attaching website that you can access textbook too. The discussion is over chapters 16 & 17 please cite.


The use of social media alone is one of the biggest tools used by police agencies to aid in the gathering of important information that may lead to the capture and arrest of potential suspects evading local law enforcement. “For years social media has been used to track criminal networks.” (Peak, K. J., & Giacomazzi, A. L. P. 444) Not only does social media help law enforcement during criminal investigations, but it also allows civilians to interact with their local law enforcement through virtual ride along’s. This gives citizens the chance to see exactly what it is that law enforcement does from the comfort of their homes. The court system utilizes technology when it comes to trying to convert all paper files to virtual ones. Going paperless allows records to be uploaded quickly and found fast in an emergency. Ever changing advances in technology allows updates in security systems to exist in most prisons. Having surveillance cameras that can withstand bullets and sledgehammer beatings allows for prisons to be properly monitored at all times.

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