The Customer Behavior Work Experience


Just as consumers have a process in which they purchase products, every enterprise has a process in which they purchase products. In this assignment, you will analyze the purchasing process of a specific enterprise. Note: you do not have to have been involved in the actual purchasing process and decisions to complete the assignment. For this assignment:

  • Select a current or previous employer and briefly describe the organization and its main business.
  • Analyze the purchasing process of the company by answering the following:
    • Assess and describe what it was like to acquire products within the company for use in your job. Do not include products that were for resale.
    • If possible, provide examples of both smaller items—such as office supplies or items needed to complete daily tasks—as well as larger items, such as a computer.
  • Describe the process required to obtain the products. Include such information as:
    • The time it took to obtain items.
    • The process, or processes, involved. For example, was the process time consuming or straightforward?
  • Explain any difficulty in obtaining products.
  • In addition, describe how the process could have been improved.

Once complete, submit your assignment to your instructor. The content of your paper should determine the length. Refer to the Work Experience – Case Study Scoring Guide to ensure you have met the requirements of the assignment, prior to submitting.

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