The Health and Medical Worksheet

After watching the video: PEMT 344 CH2 HSLP.mp4 on chapter 2, you will need to familiarize yourselves with the units available in your textbook. Choose a unit based on your assigned chapter found here.

Make sure to address each of these questions:—

1. How many Grade Level Outcomes does the unit contain?

—2. How many of those GLOs are included as a primary outcome?

—3. How many of those GLOs are included only as an embedded outcome?


4. Do the objectives clearly identify performance, condition and criteria?

— Select 1 lesson plan objective

— Identify each component listed above

— If those components are not included, rewrite providing the original for other students to compare


5. Select an assessment provided within the unit

— Identify something great about the assessment

—Identify something that could be improved upon

6. Lastly, provide an overall summary/commentary on the unit you selected.

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