The Mitigation and Preparedness Measures

Focus Paper #1: Mitigation and Preparedness Measures – Select a specific type of natural or human-made hazard (e.g., tornado, flood, chemical leak) and find a situation or event where these occurred – write 2 examples of preparedness measures that were or could be taken and 2 examples of mitigation measures that were (or could have been) taken. How did (or could have) these Mitigation and Preparedness measures impact the outcome of the event or situation? What lessons learned can you draw if you were giving advice to officials in your own community facing a similar situation or event? Basic APA format with an expectation of 4-5 pages – be sure to properly cite your sources (good idea to have a few)

Useful Resources

  1. FEMA has compiled a list of mitigation best practices and related case studies

that can be accessed at (Links to an external site.)

  1. American Red Cross, Plan and Prepare webpage links to a wealth of information

about individual and organizational preparedness: (Links to an external site.)

  1. The Natural Hazard Mitigation Association report “Planning and Building

Livable, Safe and Sustainability Communities” can be accessed at (Links to an external site.)

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