The Rape Culture Rehabilitation Program

For this Assignment, you leave Jordan and Dante and look toward your own community. What crime problems exist there? For which crimes would a restorative justice approach be appropriate? If you had the opportunity, what kind of rehabilitation program would you develop for offenders? As you embark on this Assignment and begin to answer these questions, be sure to examine rehabilitation programs in other cities and towns to get ideas for the design of your program.

Create a 750- to 1,000-word rehabilitation program for your community, which includes the following:

  • Identify a crime problem in your area for which a restorative justice approach would be appropriate.
  • Develop a rehabilitation program that would address offenders of the crime you identified. Describe the characteristics of the program and the services that would be offered.
  • Explain how the program aligns with principles of restorative justice.
  • Explain how the program would rehabilitate offenders and safeguard victims and the community from further crime.
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