The Reimbursement & Financing Issues

After studying Module 3: Lecture Materials & Resources, discuss the following:

As decisions are made to address changes in reimbursement in your work place, how are these changes shared with the nursing staff?

What suggestions do you have that could increase nurses’ awareness of health care financing issues?

This material is only forsee it and give you an idea about what is the assignment. The scholarly sources should be from outside.

Online Materials & Resources

Understanding Medicaid Hospital Payments and the Impact of Recent Policy Changes.pdf download
Cunningham, P., Rudowitz, R., Young, K., Garfield, R., & Foutz, J. (2016). Understanding medicaid hospital payments and the impact of recent policy changes (Issue Brief). The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and The Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured.

The Effect of the Magnet Recognition Signal on Hospital Reimbursement and Market Share download
Karim, S. A., Pink, G. H., Reiter, K. L., Holmes, G. M., Jones, C. B., & Woodard, E. K. (2018). The effect of the Magnet Recognition® Signal on hospital reimbursement and market share. Nursing Economic$, 36(3), 110–120.

Economic Impact of Opioid Use Disorder Epidemic download
Neville, K., & Foley, M. (2020). The economic impact of the opioid use disorder epidemic in America: Nurses’ call to action. Nursing Economic$, 38(1), 7–51.

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