The SOC 240 Sporting Event Observation Social Science

SOC 240 Sporting Event Observation and Report

Sporting Event Observation & Report research paper

Seattle Sounders vs Columbus Crew March 7th 2020 (Soccer)

A minimum of 7 pages not including cover page or work cited..

1. Introduction – Select a Sport to Observe and Research the History of that Sport: You can select any “organized” or “corporate” sport. This can range from a hockey game at Madison Square Garden to a basketball game at Queens College. Research the history of the sport using at least six different credible sources, NOT including the textbook used in this course. This must include some infor mation about the history of the team (e.g., Knicks, Mets, Queens College Knights, etc.), the level of play (e.g., NBA, High School Conference, Division I, II, or III, etc.)

Sporting Event observed

2. Observe the Entire Event: To fully explain the “experience” you need to observe the “pregame”, “game”, and “post-game”. Generally speaking, you should be prepared to show up at the event as soon as the “gates open” and be among the last to leave. There is a great deal of social activity that takes place before and after the game.

3.Recording the Event: The better you take notes at the event, the better your paper will be. In addition, taking digital pictures and buying a game program or yearbook will help with your memory of the experience and allow you to attach some of additional information to the paper. (will not need will include what i have )

4. Writing the Paper – Applying Social Theory: You should separate your writing into sections. First, the sport you have selected, then the history of the sport, (due to Blackboard at least one (1) week prior your attending the sporting event), then the event itself. When writing about the event, first write about the “pre-game” experience, then the game by either period/quarter or any other play interval, “half-time” or “in-between periods” included, then the “post-game”. Write what you see around you, on the field of play and everywhere else you can observe. As you write, include appropriate connections to social theory at any point in the paper.

Finally, you will write a “Perspectives” section where you will discuss the event from the major sociological perspectives. (Game ) (STATS page) (Higlight )

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