The Social Media Marketing in A Pandemic Article

1. Your article report study will include a current business article of your choice. “Current” means not older than one year from the beginning date of the class. There are three parts to the report: a summary of the article you have selected from Hobby Library, a discussion part, and an opinion part, .

2. You MUST use the Central Texas College Oveta Culp Hobby Memorial Library<> to find your articles for the report. The library has many online resources for periodical magazines.

If you are having issues searching the library databases, below are a few steps to point you in the right direction:

1.  Click on the link for the library (under Step 2 above).

2.  Select “Databases.”

3.  Select Business and Economics.

4.  Select Business Source Complete (this is just my personal choice, but there are others).

5.  Enter your login information.

6.  Enter an area of interest that connects to the book (I love leadership (CH6) and ethics (CH2), I might enter ethics and leadership). Check the box for full text and Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals to limit your search options.

7.  Select one that you like, UNDERSTAND and have an opinion to write about.

3. Write a three to five sentence summary of the article in your own words. You will briefly summarize the article by stating the main points in your own words in a few complete sentences (just enough to capture the gist of the article). DO NOT include your opinion in the summary section of the report. A summary includes only information that is contained in the article. The assignment is not an essay.

4. Write at least a 300-word, double-spaced Discussion section.  In this section, you compare and contrast what the article states with what the authors of the text discuss.  You compare and contrast the article content with the content of the text.  You do not give any personal this section.   You quote important comments that article authors report and compare what the authors of the text discuss.  The quotations must be direct quotations such as “Entrepreneurs are known as risk takers.” and follow that quotation with a parenthetical citation (Longenecker, page 33).

5. In the Opinion section, you are to write your personal opinions about the comparison of the text and the article.  Your opinion should always be based on what you found in the text and/or the article.

6.The Article Report should be no longer than 650 total words. You should provide your conclusions or opinions about the article. Validate your opinions by citing what the textbook authors write. Your thoughts/opinion should only appear in the opinion section.

7. The report must be in the correct format with all items completed, all information typed. The writing must be correct with regard to grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure. Central Texas College adopted the Modern Language Association formats for use in all classes.

8. You MUST include the link to the working website where you obtained the copy of the article with the completed Article Report.

9. Substantiate your answers with quotations from the text and article, and give a parenthetical citation. The correct format would be (Author 102). Do not forget to substantiate your answer with direct quotations from the textbook. Do not cite a broad range of pages as the source for the answer. In other words, do not cite pages 33-55; be specific. If there are no summary or text citations, there could be a substantial percent deduction in your grade.

In this class, a student should directly quote material from the text to support the student’s opinion. The quote should begin with quotation marks and end with closing quotation marks. Next comes the parenthetical citation which identifies from which text the quote came and the page number. A Works Cited section must be included in the Modern Language Association format.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     N:B, I have selected the Article titled Social Media Marketing In A Pandemic.                                                                 This is the article I want work on.

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