Utah Valley Conclusions of a Systematic Review with Narrative Synthesis

This week you will search the literature in databases for 3 articles within 5 years of today’s date, that are appropriate for your PICOT question. One article is a quantitative Download quantitativeresearch study, one is qualitative Download qualitativeand the third article is either a Clinical Practice Guideline Download Clinical Practice Guidelineor a Systematic or Integrative Review Download Systematic or Integrative Review. Ensure that you are using the approved week 2 assignment topic list as all of these topics have guidelines associated with them and many articles can be found.

Read the first few sentences of methods section of your articles to assess what type of article you have

Critique each article using the appropriate Appraisal Forms. The form takes you through a reflection on WHY was research done-HOW was research done and WHAT was found.

Review rubric carefully to ensure all questions have been answered. Points are deducted for articles not loaded or if incorrect type of article submitted. The quantitative and qualitative articles will be used in week 6 Article Critique therefore if you are unsuccessful with article selection in week 4 you will need to find a new article by the end of week 5 with the help of the librarian or your faculty in selecting a new article to use in week 6.

All answers to questions for week 4 are brief and only 1- 2 sentences. Example: What group produced the guideline? Answer: US Preventive Services Task Force develops recommendations about preventive services based on a review of high-quality scientific evidence and publishes its recommendations on its website and or in a peer reviewed journal

Avoid any copying and pasting 7 or more words of content from the article or another source. Use your own words to create your answers. APA is not required for content of answers on template

APA is only required for your citation on the template.

You must submit the research study articles along with your assignment

Here are the links to assist with APA and searches:

APA Guide and Template

Quantitative vs. Qualitative Research Guide

A to Z Database List (for this assignment, the CINAHL+, ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health, and Academic Search Complete are recommended.)

Sometimes students have a difficult time locating clinical practice guidelines. If you have googled the term “clinical practice guidelines + your topic” and haven’t found anything, these additional resources may help make the search easier:

https://libguides.uta.edu/guidelines (Links to an external site.)

https://guidelines.ecri.org/ (Links to an external site.)

Databases for Systematic Reviews:

https://www.cochrane.org/ (Links to an external site.)

https://www.crd.york.ac.uk/CRDWeb/ (Links to an external site.)


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