The Arbitrate Contractual Dispute

 Not only are you looking at a constitutional issue, but, at a dispute resolution forum issue as well. Please identify the issues. As background, in a case like this one, a plaintiff will start the case by filing a complaint with the trial court. In a complaint the plaintiff will set out counts which contain each cause of action, (the legal basis for the lawsuit), the plaintiff is alleging against the defendant.

For this assignment, please complete the following:

1. First read the case of C & L Ent., Inc. v. Citizen Bank Potawatomi Indian Tribe of OK. You will find this case  ATTACHED BELOW.

2. Identify the issue or issues for this case.  When you create your issues remember they are the questions being presented to the judge based on the facts and applicable law.

3. Use the following format and submit your answers in a Word document – in your own words.  Always include the case style.

Issue I:  Whether . . .

Issue II: Whether . . .

Below your issues, in a full paragraph  (minimum 5 – 7 well written sentences) discuss the issue(s) and give your opinion as to whether you believe this is the main issue(s) in the case. Does this dig deep enough into the heart of the matter at hand.


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