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Based on your readings and resources for this week 6, identify one type of nontraditional family. Discuss the issues that may be encountered by raising children in this type of family structure and identify what the research says about outcomes for children growing up in this type of home. In addition to your weekly learning resources, find at least one recent news article (within the past 6 months) about the non-traditional family type you have chosen and discuss how your news article aligns or provides insight into the non-traditional family of interest. HINT: to find a news article, open Google or your preferred search engine and type in keywords like “parenting,” “families,” and your non-traditional family type. Once your search returns results, click on the “news” tab and you should see recent news stories.

An excellent response will be 2-3 paragraphs in length, well-written, and include in-text citations and a reference list. Be sure to include a reference to your news story and include the URL.

2. In any scholarly source, please define sociological social change. Then in a short three or four sentences, define social change as it directly pertains to the institution of the family, and provide one good example. Cite all your sources please.

3The family does have virtually defined in some perspectives dynamics with estimated statistics in the “prospective future.” The experts in the social sciences have many possibilities of what and as you will see in your learning sources. You probably have some idea already about the medium and longer term characteristics and functions of the family. This being weather or not you have studied parenting or the institution of the family in any great length.

– – The third part of this discussion is your own view of the modern family in lieu of social changes we now see.

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