The Power of Popular Culture

Review the text, The Rhetorical Power of Popular Culture, and answer the following questions in your own words. You should use the course textbook as a reference. Your answers should demonstrate understanding of the relevant communication and popular culture concepts. One important note – develop your own examples to support your answers.

Each of the three essay responses should be 300-400 words, type-written and double-spaced, and must include at least one citation from the textbook per response. (I will include this on my own since you don’t have access to my textbook unless you have free access to this textbook)

Why is it important to study popular culture? Next, discuss the impact popular culture currently has on communication? Provide reasons to support your answer. Also, provide at examples to illustrate your ideas. (34 points)

“You are what you buy”. Discuss the importance of consumer products in your life in the following questions: How do you respond to being told your identity is equivalent to the products you buy? Do you resist this idea? Do you recall any instance when you have felt lost without a favorite object? How do you communicate your sense of self to others through objects, whether clothing, books, food, home décor, electronic goods, or something else? (33 points)

After reading chapter 4, select a mediated popular text when someone appears to be breaking society taken-for granted rules. What rule is being broken? Explain your answer. (33 points)

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