The Business Law Essay

A good public administrator needs to be able to communicate their ideas across a diverse audience: colleagues, government officials, external partners, vendors, and citizens. The key is to learn how to be transparent and persuasive in your discourse so that you can take part in even controversial conversations and maintain your credibility and professionalism.

Based on your analysis of the public policy from Week 4, create a communication strategy plan for creating partnerships and dialogue between all parties regarding the merits, failures, and potentialities of the public policy you are analyzing. What are some sound strategies you can practice for getting buy-in from citizens and stakeholders?

Write a 700- to 1,050-word communication plan in which you:

  • Identify who you will need to communicate with during the policy analysis process.
  • Describe which communication methods you can use to facilitate discussion between stakeholders, government leadership, and target populations relative to constructing policy.
  • Discuss creative communication possibilities that you believe can encourage citizen participation and interest.
  • Discuss the evaluation criteria that you will use to assess the effectiveness of your communication strategy.
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