The Layers of The Earth

1. What are the major layers of the Earth and how are they arranged?2. Where did the densest material end up in the Earth? If the Earth started out with its materials all mixed up
together, and assuming that the current, large-scale configuration of the Earth is stable, why is it that the densest
material is where it is or why is the Earth layered in the way it is today? Some reminders and terms that may help you in your discussion:
Crustal rocks (in general) = granite or basalt igneous rocks
Mantle rocks = peridotite igneous rocks
Core = not rocks at all, but iron and nickel metal mixed together. 3. Why does a boat float? (think huge and heavy cargo ship) (There are many ways to answer this, and a variety
of reasons is requested here…)

4. Extension to the Earth Sciences: Earth scientists have made some very interesting measurements in
Scandinavia, Canada, Northern U.S., for example, that were covered with very thick ice sheets during the last
ice age but now have no thick ice. These measurements show that these areas of land have risen up to 15 or 20
meters since the ice melted. How can this be? Is there anything in your lab exercises that can give you a clue?

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