What Are the Two Different Types of Comet Tails Called Geology

1. The light that we see from the Andromeda Galaxy left that galaxy about how long ago?

2. Cosmic Microwaves Background Radiation and the Red Shift of Galaxies are evidence for what?

3. The Universe is expanding. Are Galaxies moving or is the space between them expanding?

4. What type of Galaxy do we live in?

5. What kind of event forms Elliptical Galaxies?

6. What is our Milky Way Galaxy currently eating?

7. What is the escape velocity at the Event Horizon of a Black Hole?

8. Can our Sun become a black hole?

9. What happens to time near a black hole?

10. What is a Planetesimal?

11. What started the collapse of the Solar Nebula?

12. Why is it better to make oxygen on Mars than bring it from Earth?

13. The Moon may have formed when a small planet hit the Earth. What is this theory called?

14. What can be found in deep craters near the Moon’s poles? (It will be very useful to future Moon missions.)

15. What force heats the interior of Enceladus?

16. Why is Enceladus one of the best places in the Solar System to look for life?

17. What are the two different types of comet tails called?

18. According to the video, what might comet impacts have brought to the early Earth?

(19) (2 pts) How the DART mission will deflect the asteroid.

(20) (2 pts) How NASA will know whether it worked or not.

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