design for students to find a current news article

Are  design for students to find a current news article that relates to information covered in one of the chapters in BUS 123. Article must be dated at least two weeks before the due dates. There are five Dropbox news report for the course. Student should search the internet, newspapers and other sources of current news, for item that relate to material covered in Chapters 20 in the course.

Student are required to give a 400-word overview of the article, along with the chapter and page number from the text where this information is covered. The report should use the MLA style for writing, with the correct documentation of the source document. The rubric for grading your report is located in week 1, this we give you an idea of how the content of your article will be graded.

textbook chapter 20

eTextbook: Business Law Today, The Essentials, 12th Edition

  • Access Length: 360 Days
  • ISBN10: 0-357-69676-X
  • ISBN13: 978-0-357-69676-7
  • AUTHORS: Roger LeRoy Miller
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