evaluation of ethics in innovation and product development

Base your evaluation on GI Joe toys as an example in the early 1990’s

Evaluate the external environment related to the product at the time this product was sold or owned by you. Consider questions such as:

  • Who was the intended market for the product?
  • What was important to the intended market at that time?
  • What ethical considerations do you think were addressed in the development of the product at that time?
  • How might those ethical considerations have influenced the product development

Evaluate the external environment and potential ethical considerations of the product from today’s perspective by considering:

  • How has the intended market for the product changed over time?
  • What is important to that market today?
  • What ethical considerations (such as sustainability, environmentally-friendly, socially-conscious, etc.) must be addressed in the development if you were to develop this product today?
  • How have the ethical considerations changed over time?
  • Would the product be marketable today as it is? If not, how would the product have to change to be marketable?
  • How should the ethical considerations you considered influence product development?

Summarize the importance of ethics as it relates to product development.

Format in APA 7th edition. Utilize American based resources for citations.

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