Improving Corporations for Sustainability

Application of Plan Do Check Act Model in Organization: Al-Rashid Trading and Contracting Company Name: University Application of Plan Do Check Act Model in Organization The quest for increased efficiency and quality has led many organizations into adopting total quality management practices. A core practice in total quality management is a continuous improvement which is a quality oriented effort that strives to ameliorate the performance of various operations or departments in the organization. Continuous improvement endeavors to define and measure the problem dissect and control the process. Ideally these endeavors revolve around identification of the need for improvement in an area planning for improvement executing the plan and finally reviewing the plan. One of the models used in continues improvement process is Plan Do Check Act (PDCA). This work presents a discourse on PDCA application in organizations using a case study of Al-Rashid the menace. Consequently the proposed solutions were implemented to test their effectiveness in addressing the problems. A thorough analysis was later done to audit the implementation and recommendations to adopt the current policies were made. Performance measurement is cruel in the checking stage of PDCA cycles. Quality tools like Pareto charts scatter diagrams flowcharts among other are used to measure performance and efficiency of the introduced changes. Nevertheless these policies are always under periodical scrutiny to improve the quality where possible. References Al-Rashid Trading & Contacting Company. (2018). Retrieved 1 April 2018 from Gidey E. Jilcha K. Beshah B. & Kitaw D. (2014). Industrial Engineering & Management: The Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle of Value Addition. Retrieved from addition-2169- 0316.1000124.pdf Hazeldine S. & Norton C. J. (2008). Bare Knuckle Customer Service: How to Deliver a Knockout Customer Experience & Hammer Competition. Retrieved from []

The Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) model is simple but valuable in promoting organizational learning and continuous improvement. In a 2-4-page paper, provide one example of the PDCA in use in your organization. If you currently do not belong to a company/organization, or your organization has never used PDCA, select a company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and answer this question based on that organization. Explain the situation where PDCA is used, explain the four phases, and then apply the four phases specifically to your situation. Provide enough information about measuring performance so that management review will result in a course of action that you recommend.

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