Legal Aspects of Marketing

Quiz Four – Legal Aspects of Marketing

1. Go through the chapter and list each of Fan’s ideas to capitalize on the success of her beloved Aces baseball team during their World Series run. In class, go through each situation and discuss the legality of each of her ideas. Consider how a court would likely side in each instance if the team were to sue Jill B. Fan. What additional information would be needed?

2. Watch or attend a major sporting event and identify all aspects of the event that could be protected using the various intellectual property laws discussed in the chapter. How would you use these laws to create a comprehensive plan for protecting the event’s intellectual property? Discuss who owns each type of intellectual property that you have identified.

3. Discuss the concept of intellectual property. Discuss common issues that entrepreneurs face when marketing a new product.

4. Look up a legal case involving intellectual property in sport. Share the facts of the case. A good case to use might be the Ed O’Bannon vs. NCAA case.

5. Many high school athletics departments use marks and logos that are identical or nearly identical to the marks or logos used by college athletics departments or professional sport teams. Discuss whether it would be good strategy for the college athletics departments or professional teams to pursue legal action against high schools for using those marks and logos.

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