Research one of the historical Education

Name Professor Unit Name A Summary of Maria Montessori and The Montessori programs The Montessori program was a brainchild of Maria Montessori. She was an educationist who was interested in people’s early years of life as children and understood that it was a critical period in which they developed a capacity and interest to acquire particular skills and/knowledge is through an individual serving the skills and experiences that he has acquired purposefully through education that he can positively impact the lives of others and the society at large. WORKS CITED Feeney Stephanie Eva Moravcik and Sherry Nolte. Who am I in the lives of Children? An introduction to Early Childhood Education. 10th ed. Pearson 2010. []

Research one of the historical Education figures or Educational Approach mentioned in chapter 3. Write a summary of the biography that includes your thoughts about what you learned and implications for you as an early childhood educator.

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