Submission of the first draft

Submission of the first draft

As announced at the beginning of the course, this week you must submit the first draft of your Final Research Project on the environmental problem of your selection.


You must search for information using various academic sources (virtual books, professional journals, encyclopedias) on the selected environmental problems.

Study the guiding questions included in the task structure below and use them to guide your research on the topic. This structure can serve as an outline to develop your essay.

When doing your search, keep in mind that it is recommended that you include images (diagrams, diagrams, tables, graphs, etc.) that complement the information.

Write the first draft of your expository essay which, in its final form, should be a minimum of seven (7) pages long, including the title page and references. It must be written in a clear, organized and pertinent way.

For this first draft, focus on taking inventory of the information you’ve gathered and include general notes showing how many answers you can already document so you can identify what information you’re missing. Remember to insert the citations and reference sources, even if it is preliminary. If you have selected an image you can also include it.

Keep in mind that the more information you include, the more recommendations and guidance you can receive from your teacher. If you have any questions specific to the context of your work, you can put it in your draft so that the teacher can answer you.

Take into consideration that your essay must be based on the resources consulted, presented or discussed and must have the following structure:


Include the page number, title, your name, institution name, course information (code and name), professor’s name, and the due date of the assignment.


What is the selected environmental problem?

Why did you select that topic?


What are the causes of the selected environmental problem, according to the analyzed literature? (Remember to integrate direct and indirect quotes from the sources of information used to substantiate these causes).

Describe how the selected environmental problem affects living things.

What are the different environmental protection regulatory agencies that work with the problem at the local and national levels? How do these agencies work with the selected problem?


What are the possible solutions to eradicate, reduce or mitigate the selected problem?


Include at least four (4) references used in the work in APA style.

*It is recommended that you include images (diagrams, diagrams, tables, graphs, etc.) that complement the information.

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