The Problem of Evil

Name Instructor Course Date Responses Response 1 I like your explanation of why sin is prevalent in the world. You have stated that evil came to the earth so that people can learn lessons to improve out path. The idea is affirmed by John Hicks’ belief that thanks to sin and evil Christians can mold their character in readiness for God (Cheetham 32). Without it salvation would not exist as everyone is perfect. Again using the health of your children as an illustration was appropriate in understanding why suffering is justified. test their faith in God and do good things to others. I am equally impressed by your strong faith in God and it challenges as well as inspires me to adopt such as stance. It is true that the Epicurus paradox will continue to haunt people regardless of what explanations are given to rebuttal his concepts. The choice of current references makes your work more credible. Works Cited Beilby James. Epistemology as theology: an evaluation of Alvin Plantinga’s religious epistemology. Routledge 2017.Cheetham David. John Hick: a critical introduction and reflection. Routledge 2017. []

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