Create An Agenda For A Parent-Teacher Conference

ou teach 5th grade at a large middle school. You’ve begun to overhear your students talk about a new classmate, Justine, who is a small, extremely quiet student with few friends. They say that a group of older students has been pushing, insulting, and making fun of Justine in the back hallway where there is little adult supervision. From what you gather, Justine does not respond during these altercations and none of these students has defended Justine against the bullying. You call to request a meeting with Justine and her parents to discuss the bullying situation. While on the phone, Justine’s father comments on aggression in schools. You prepare for the meeting with this in mind.

Focus Assignment

Create a three-item agenda to discuss how to handle Justine’s victimization at the parent-teacher conference. Include talking points (one paragraph for each) on:

(1) the best ways for Justine to respond to bullying;

(2) the ways in which you and her parents can help Justine address or avoid victimization; and

(3) the ways in which you structure your classroom to help reduce aggression.



  1. For each item of your agenda, explain how this item addresses the issues in the scenario
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