What is GDP, real GDP, nominal GDP?

·               Different ways to calculate GDP

·               What is the CPI and GDP deflator? (differences/similarities)

·               What are the growth rate, GDP deflator, gross investment, net exports, national income formulas?

·               Economic goals, growth rate benchmarks, omissions from GDP/well being measure

·               What is personal income, personal disposable income, savings, how calculated

·               What is the CPI, what calculated, what does it measure, problems with CPI with the way it is calculated

·               Uses of the CPI measure

·               How to correct economic variables for effects of inflation

·               Real and nominal interest rates

·               Why discrepancy in economic growth rates between nations (rich and poor)

·               What is standard of living, productivity?

·               How productivity calculated, determinants of productivity?

·               Relationship between savings, investment, productivity

·               Government policies to change productivity

·               Factors affecting productivity, production function

I want detail answers for each question, definition not should be the same every question should have examples and each question should be detailed

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