Pollution in the recreation and drinking water

Pollution in the recreation and drinking water

CLASS PROJECT REPORT ORGANIZATION. Your class project report must not exceed single space 7 pages in length excluding references and tables. The report must be organized under following headings as detailed below.

4.1 Title Page (1 page): It must include a succinct title, your name and affiliation, and a 250 words structured abstract that need to have the following sub-headings: Background, Objective(s), Methods and Materials, Results and Conclusion.

4.1 Significance (1-2 pages). In this section, provide an introduction of the chosen topic and explain the significance of the topic for public health (or the relevant health outcome you selected). Make sure to use the relevant literature in writing this section (proper citation should be used in the references section of your report). You can use several research databases to search for relevant literature, including pubmed and SCI (Science Citation Index). Use both the environmental condition(s) you select and the associated health effect(s) that you want to focus on to search the literature. This section must include a review of the clinical

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and/or epidemiological studies or other reliable documents that provide an evidence of the impact of the selected environmental condition(s) on the given health outcome that you have selected.

4.2. Conceptual framework – Graphic Representation and Description (1 page). In this section, you need to identify all potential factors that are directly and indirectly associated with the disease and/or the health outcome(s) you have selected. You must stress on all environmental conditions that can (or have potential to) affect this disease directly and indirectly. First, you must diagrammatically illustrate these direct and indirect links between the environmental condition(s)/exposure(s)/pollutant(s) and health outcome relevant to your project (see an example towards the end of this document). Second, provide interpretations and descriptions of the main points of these linkages. Use the relevant literature to support your interpretation(s) and/or descriptions, and/or to support the direct and indirect linkages between health and exposure(s).

4.3. Methods/materials (if applicable) (1/2 page). If data are collected through observation or monitoring of environmental conditions and/or their associated health effects, describe the methods and material used for collecting and analyzing these data. If actual data are NOT collected, describe your methods of reviewing the relevant literature.

4.4. Results (if applicable) (1-2 pages). If environmental and/or health data were collected, describe the analyses and results of these data. If your report focuses on the literature review, then describe the summary of the main findings that emerge from this literature review.

4.5. Strategy for exposure management (1/2 – 1 page). First, identify and describe various measures of exposure management and then provide a critique of the existing policies, measures, laws and standards that are in place to manage the exposure. Next, describe your approach(es)/method(s)/recommendations for the management of the exposure to the environmental condition assigned to you. Use the literature to justify your selection. For example, describe the underlying theory and practice (or real-world analogous examples) that supports your approach for the selected exposure management.

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