Tinker Hatfield of Nike

The leader I would like to research is Tinker Hatfield of Nike who was responsible for designing various groundbreaking and innovative Air Jordan models for NBA legend Michael Jordan starting in the late 1980’s. I would like to research him and his leadership role for Nike because he is a legend of design that paved the way for new ways to design athletic sneakers that we now see today.

Students must research and select at least 10-15 relevant and reliable resources that best reflect an accurate profile of the contemporary leader of a corporation (or brand).

NoteResources should be varied (e.g., articles, videos, tweets, press releases, company website, etc.); and each resource should provide new information (or an added dimension) about the contemporary leader not found in other resources, unless the information corroborates (verifies) a perspective. Do not include resources that seem biased, inaccurate, from an unreliable source, or give personal information that is not relevant to leadership.

After conducting your research and locating resources about the leader, you will compile a list of resources and add a personal commentary (annotation of 200-250 words) FOR EACH RESOURCE that is to include the following:

  1. Why did you choose this resource to include in the profile of your selected leader?
  2. What insights did you gain about your selected person as a leader and his/her personal attributes?
  3. From the 5 major competency groupings (e.g., analytic, personal, communication, organizational, and positional competencies) in the “Leadership Competencies Scorecard,” what specific competencies are demonstrated by your selected leader in this resource? (explain your rationale)
  4. What contributions/strengths or controversies/weaknesses are demonstrated or inferred in this resource? Would you say he/she is represented as a strong/effective/positive leader or in a weak/ineffective/negative light? Explain.
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