UCB CSR Communication Campaign Plan

This module provides general guidance on how to apply your communicators’ tool kit to achieve the communication goals and objectives of your CSR communication campaign plan.

In addition to the lecture, you have readings on workforce communication, corporate communication, and readings from Wilson & Odgen about implementing strategies and tactics. Be sure to follow the specific guidance in Wilson and Odgen when developing your building block on implementation strategies and tactics, due this week

Guide to assignment:

The implementation strategy/tactics are tightly aligned with the campaign’s goals and objectives; achieves broad and deep reach with stakeholder segments; and includes both engagement and information strategies.


El-Kassar, Abdul-Nasser, Manal Yunis, and Raed El-Khalil. “The Mediating Effects of Employee-Company Identification on the Relationship between Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Organizational Citizenship Behavior.” Journal of Promotion Management, 23, no. 3 (2017):  419-436.

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