Artist Autobiography

Artist Autobiography (FRIDA KAHLO)

a. Select an artist from any time period between the Renaissance to contemporary times. You areto create essentially part of this artist’s memoir. Select a year where he or she is most active inthe art world (I suggest looking at the artist’s works of art first and see the number of piecesthey produced).b. Pretend you’re that artist during that one specific year, creating all of these artworks.i. Write as if you’re him/ her, creating these pieces. What could they possibly bethinking, feeling, or seeing while working? I want you to think deeply about the world in which this artist was living. I want an entry for all 12 months. Include illustrations,sketches, or anything you think the artist would have included in his/her journal/notebook.c. Must do proper research – make sure your memoir reflects factual events in this artist’s lifetime.d. This would be considered psychoanalysis methodology in the art history eld.


In this project, I decided to choose to make a biography of Frida Kahlo since she has always seemed to me to be a very resilient and empowered woman. I’d love to learn more about her background and the significance of her paintings. Frida Kahlo painted 143 Frida Kahlo paintings, 55 of which were self-portraits. Her paintings primarily depict the painful aspects of her life, which she spent most of it bedridden. I would like to investigate further as I feel that painting herself was a way of expressing her pain.


I will talk as if I was Frida Kahlo.

At least one page or 1/2 for EACH 1 month.  (12 Months)

I want pictures of her artwork and her. (MOST INCLUDE ILLUSTRATIONS AND SKETCHES)


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