Essential Components & Instructions

Essential Components & Instructions

Read PMI’s Pulse of the Profession In-Depth Report: The Essential Role of Communications and compare your current organization to the findings within the paper. Is your organization a “high-performing organization” that understands the importance of communication or does your organization struggle with communication?

Note:  you need to research an organization to use for this assignment

Topic 1 – Current Status of the Organization:

How do you see your current or past organization?

Does your organization struggle with either of the problem areas mentioned on page 4, “A gap in understanding the business benefits” and “Challenges surrounding the language used to deliver product-related information, which is often unclear and peppered with project management jargon”?

Would your organization be considered a “high-performing organization”?

Topic 2 – Recommendations: Which of the following strategies would you recommend for your organization to adopt or to continue? Why?

Close the communications gap around business benefits.

Tailor communications to different stakeholder groups.

Acknowledge the value of project management, including project management communications.

Use standardized project communication practices, and use them effectively.

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