Individual Project

Individual Project IS 454/554


 Explain in detail, what you wanted to work on for your individual project.

 Objectives:

 Users are able to understand the topic and also how that business/project operates

 List and explain areas/events where you might need data for decision making

Association Analysis

 Identify a RULE in your project

 Identify how or what data would you need to provide SUPPORT and CONFIDENCE for your rule

 Explain, how you will calculate SUPPORT, CONFIDENCE and LIFT

 What DECISION would you take based on the values related to SUPPORT, CONFIDENCE and LIFT


 Identify if there is a possibility of creating a group/cluster in your project

 What criteria/data elements would you use to create clusters

 How would you create clusters (concepts only)

 How will clustering help you in your project? Explain in terms of the concept of Heterogenous and Homogenous groups and effective use of the clusters

Decision Tree

 Decision tree is used to show the effect of categorical input on categorical output (mostly dichotomous/binary)

 What could be the categorical input and output in your project?

 How would you measure the effectiveness of effect of the input on output? Concept of Chi test and p-value

 How would you measure the reliability of this model in decision making?

 Does Decision Tree help you with decision making in your project?

Logistic Regression

 Used when we need to show the effect of an input in dichotomous/binary output

 Identify the reason of using odds ratio

 How would this be different to what decision tree provides?

 Compare between logistic and decision tree, which one would you prefer

Neural Network

 Used for any type of input or output

 Specify the significance of its ability to use multiple models in single model

 How can Neural Network help with better decision making in your project?


Text Mining

 How do you collect unstructured data in your project?

 How would you utilize text mining to better understand the data you may have for your project?

 How important is it, in your project, to perform text mining and how would you explain its importance? You need to explain with examples on why and how is text analysis helpful in your project

Social Network Analysis

 How would you use the concept of degree, betweenness and closeness centrality to promote your product/project?

 Does SNA have significance in terms of decision making for your project?

Pick what you think helps you most with decision making

 Of the 7 models/methods we learned in the course, which one(s) do you think will help you with decision making in your individual project

 List the models and if it hasn’t been explained earlier, explain the reason for choosing them

  • Individual Project
  • Introduction
  • Association Analysis
  • Decision Tree
  • Logistic Regression
  • Neural Network
  • Text Mining
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Pick what you think helps you most with decision making
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