For the subject organization please use Dell Technologies. You will be completing “Option #2” since there is a PMO program already.

Subject Organization and Rationale of the Portfolio Project, you are required to select a subject organization for developing a PMO recommendation. The subject organization must have an international/global aspect and may be your workplace, an organization that you are familiar with, or an organization that is based on your research.

For Option #2, the subject organization must exhibit a functioning PMO as qualified by the PMO competency continuum.

Based on your research of the subject organization, substantively address the following key elements:

Subject organization information:
Organization name
Organization’s mission, vision, and values statement
Industry type and organization demographics
Description of organization’s culture
Executive sponsor and key stakeholders
PMO business case:
Assessment of existing project management:
Project management methods
Project management tools
Project management experience
Project management maturity
Perceived PMO benefits for the organization:
Overarching business rationale
Long term measurable goals (2-3)
First year specific goals and metrics
Quantified value proposition (short and long term)

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