QUESTION APR 21, 2022 this is my frist assignment i did. Religion is a belief.

this is my frist assignment i did.

Religion is a belief. What humans have in it is faith. Religion is practising faith, which, in my perspective, makes my life easier. If I know what my religion is, what I need to practise religion takes me to the right path.It only allows me to maintain my belief.It also helps me stay connected with my culture. Religion is also connected to spiritual belief. This actually actively demonstrates that they are both connected. In trying to know the meaning of life, To sum up everything that has been stated so far, it is that religion is all based on beliefs and the faith a human has in religion.

An example that I would like to give is actually my own belief. As a Muslim woman, Islam is very important to me. The particular reason for the circumstances is that everything I do is based on my religion. There are loads of do’s and don’t’s. which I have to follow a lot. My religion is not complete without me praying five times a day. It is not accepted after death if I do not offer prayers. My religion tells a woman to cover herself as it gives so much impirtance that no dirt should touch a woman. The reason for the circumstances is that women are like pure, clean water, or in other words, like diamonds. To me, the best way to show my religion is by wearing a hijab, hijab is more important to me than anything in this world. It acts as my protection shield. To sum up everything that has been stated, I believe religion is to believe what an individual has on.

now the guide Line are here

(1,000 words)

Assignment: Using the definition of religion you providedin Assignment 01, outline which cliché(s) your definitionmakes use of.

Structure of Assignment

Introduction – outline your thesis statement and describe your assignment. Your thesis statement should read something like this: “My definition of religion makes use of three of the ten clichés discussed in Martin and Stoddard’s book.” Following your thesis statement, you should have something like this: “I first outline my definition, then discuss each of the three clichés. Each discussion will include an outline of the cliché, its history, and the interests it serves.”

Second paragraph: should start something like “The definition of religion outlined in Assignment 01 is…”Following this sentence you can either paraphrase your definition from Assignment 01 (which I will have in front of me), cut and paste it (with an appropriate citation, of course), or redescribe your definition for clarity. Please know – the second paragraph DOES NOT COUNT in your word count. Treat it separately, since it is work you’ve already submitted.

The third paragraph and following should outline how your definition participates in the various clichés discussed in the anthology. Be sure to discuss what the cliché is, where it comes from, and whose interests it serves. The length of your discussion about each cliché will be determined by how many clichés your definition uses. You will be assessedon the accuracy of your selections and the quality of your overview.

Aim of the assignment: This assignment requires self-reflection. Your definition of religion is the focus of your assignment. You must demonstrate to the reader that you are familiar with all ten clichés by carefully assessing each cliché in relation to your definition of religion. At the end of the assignment you should be able to recognize the history of your definition and interests your definition of religion serves. In doing so, it will be evident that your definition of religion is not simply yours, but was selected for you by the interests of others. The next step,Assignment 05, will ask you to embrace a more critical understanding of definition and move forward with self-reflective knowledge and foresight.

Assignments are to be submitted on UMLearn. You must keep a copy of all assignments handed in.

All assignments must conform to the guidelines in The Guide for the Erudite Student 2020 (availableon UMLearn)

Policy on Late Submissions: Late assignments are not accepted. Assignments submitted after a specified due date will be evaluated only if accompanied by the appropriate documentation (doctor’s note, family emergency, etc.).

Policy on Extensions: A short extension may be granted by the instructor upon submission of a written request received at least one week prior to the due date. Only substantial reasons will be accepted as grounds for an extension. For further considerations, please see my comments in The Guide. Because of the implicit advantage of having extended time, all assignments granted an extension will receive a full letter grade penalty (from “B” to “C”).

Academic Integrity: Students should acquaint themselves with the University’s policy on plagiarism, cheating, exam personation, and duplicate submissions by reading documentation provided at the Arts Student Resources web site at <>. All University policies concerning plagiarism and academic dishonesty will be strictly enforced. Please know that plagiarism is a serious academic offense.

Reminder: Chicago style is required, footnotes or endnotes. I recommend footnotes for this assignment (footnotes are reader-friendly). Footnotes do not count toward your word count. Include a bibliography of all sources used. This can be placed at the end of your paper or on a separate page.

Format: Essays should: be double-spaced and use a 12pt and recognizable font such as Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica, Calibri, etc. Your essay should include your name (upper right corner), the course the paper is written for (below your name), pagination (bottom right), and a title (first page). Title pages are optional. Congratulations! You checked this spot again for a note. Here’s a piece of wisdom: never cite anything in your bibliography that you’ve haven’t read from beginning to end. If you’ve only read three pages, only cite the three pages you’ve read.

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