the actual physical layout affect the operations of your café

1. How does the actual physical layout affect the operations of your café? What did you consider this respect when designing the space?

The actual physical layout affects the operations of our café because it impacts our employees’ efficiency in producing and serving coffee, ease of access to the various spaces such as storage rooms, the coffee bar, garbage disposal, and customer areas. The layout of our café was designed to allow employees to quickly access these areas to carry out crucial functions such as sanitation. Furthermore, the open design is intended to create an inviting atmosphere for both our customers and employees. The dining space and coffee bar layout also help foster conversation between employees and customers, while also providing customers with a comfortable and personal workspace. We have also designed our café with efficient use of space and storage in mind as to capitalize upon our limited square footage and avoid creating a crowded environment.

2. How does the actual physical layout impact customer expectations and the

overall service experience? Again, how did you take into account customer

perceptions and expectations when designing the space?

The layout is created in mind of prioritizing the customer experience. First impressions are important to us, so we want people to feel welcome and greeted by our employees working the bar or at the front register. We took into account the flow of customers as well as making sure that the ordering process isn’t chaotic. The open space in the middle allows for heavy traffic during peak hours. The space encourages customers to stay and feel comfortable, but also allows for those who just want to grab a cup of coffee and be on their way. There are stools in front of the Espresso Bar to allow customers to connect with our employees as they work, allowing for us to build customer relationships without disrupting the workflow. Welcoming customers is one of our priorities, as well as offering a comfortable place to stay if they choose to.

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