the clip dubbed Just Go With It

You may NOT use any scene from the following list of movies:

— The Godfather Trilogy (Links to an external site.) (1972/1974/1990) [These are WAY over-analyzed online!]

— The Wolf of Wall Street (Links to an external site.) (2013) [Language is inappropriate!]

— The Negotiator (Links to an external site.) (1998) [Instructor will use scenes from this later!]


– Movie: “Just Go With It (2011)”

-00:17- 2:37


In the clip dubbed Just Go With It (2011), the story of Danny who happens to be an accomplished plastic surgeon unfolds. Danny happens to long for going out for dates without necessarily having any strings attached. However, in his usual quests to meet different people, Danny happens to meet Palmer who happens to be the girl Danny has always dreamt of having all this time. The problem that arises, in this case, relates to the fact that Palmer does not want to have any association or relationship with a married man. Due to Danny’s determination to winning over her heart, he lies and enlists his assistant Katherine as the would-be ex-wife oblivious to him that engaging in the lie instead of coming clean and being honest to his dream girl would cause more problems. The scene thus unfolds as Danny engages Katherine’s children namely Maggie and Michael in a negotiation to play the role of being his children.

Negotiation Concepts Illustrated

The scene illustrates several negotiation concepts especially involving the main character Danny and Katherine’s children. First, the bargaining power that is depicted by both Maggie and Michael as they enlist their demands to accept their new roles. Ideally, one would think that since Danny is the mature one and responsible for hatching the plan will have the upper hand in the negotiations. However, the opposite happens to be true as the children eventually have their demands met. Second, the distributive negotiation concepts also come into play as both parties enlist what they would want to gain or benefit from the negotiations. Third, the concept of being aggressive in the negotiations as evidenced by the party reaping the biggest percentage from the negotiation is also illustrated. Essentially, Katherine’s children happen to be more aggressive in the negotiations as they eventually got what they mostly wanted.

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