the social, economic, and political context

Research the social, economic, and political context that gave rise to the creation of your selected agency – include contemporary journalism articles, political speeches, legislative records, and historic literature as sources. Clearly identify the original purpose and scope of responsibility when the agency was established.

Identify the significant accomplishments of the agency to date.

Choose two successive Administrations under Presidents of different political parties (Hoover-Roosevelt; Truman-Eisenhower; Eisenhower-Kennedy; Johnson-Nixon; Carter-Reagan; Bush-Clinton; Clinton-Bush; Bush-Obama; Obama-Trump; Trump-Bidennn) and document any notable differences in the mission emphasis, budget resources, staffing levels, or the professional profiles of the agency leaders.

Identify the Congressional Committees that have oversight responsibilities of the agency today and note the relevant background experience of the Committee Chairs currently assigned to lead these committees.

Conclude the paper with your observations about how the people of the United States have benefited from the services of this agency, discuss whether there is a continuing need for the agency, and suggest areas of concern that should be prioritized in the future.

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