Voices of Freedom

For this assignment you will read the “Voices of Freedom” excerpts from Dubois and Ida B. Wells on pages 666-667 in your book Give Me Liberty (you can access the book electronically)  You will then answer/summarize in 1-2 pages the following questions provided:

1. What is Ida. B. Wells’ main argument/assertion regarding lynching laws and who does she blame?  (Minimum 5-sentences.)

2. What is W.E.D, Dubois’s main argument/assertion In the summarized text from “Souls of Black Folk”? (Minimum 5-sentences.)

3. Summarize the role of “Southern Redeemers” (i.e-who they were, what did they do, what were their goals/objectives?) (Minimum 7-sentences.) (You can use information from lecture notes, online sources, and/or your book {pg. 658-659}to answer this question.)

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