DISGRACED by Ayad Akhtar

Read the script DISGRACED by Ayad Akhtar. Paper will be based on this script. Following the guidelines and looking at the example provided for you in the attached files, write a brief paper that has these three elements: what the story of the play is; write a plot summary of the play; discuss what you think is the theme of the play. The story and plot summary must be your original work, and in your own words.  It is preferable that the theme analysis is also your original work and in your own words, but if you choose to use outside sources,  you must include citations.


* Remember:  there are three elements to this paper — story, plot, and theme.


**You must follow the format that is given to you in the example provided for you.


Files: Summer-STORY-PLOT-THEME Definition-2019.doc, Summer-HOW TO READ A PLAY-revised.doc, Summer-2019-THEME(1).doc, Summer-2019-PLOT SUMMARY(1).doc, EXAMPLE – Story-Plot-Theme-assignment(4)-1.doc, DISGRACED-.pdf

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