knowledge of Canadian documentary filmmaking to complete an NFB documentary

For this assignment, students  apply their knowledge of Canadian documentary filmmaking to complete an NFB documentary viewing worksheet. First, choose ONE documentary from the NFB playlist to watch:

Then, after viewing the film, complete the worksheet provided below. A properly formatted MLA style Works Cited page that lists the film and any other course materials utilized to complete the worksheet is required as well.


This assignment consists of two parts:

Part One: 5 viewing questions

Part Two: An MLA Style Works Cited page that lists your chosen documentary, and any other course materials you utilized to complete Part One

  • Complete these two parts by filling out the assignment worksheet —->
  •  (Links to an external site.)

You can fill out the worksheet using Google Docs; just make sure you download and save a copy to your computer when you’re done so you can upload it to Canvas.

Or, you may download the worksheet and complete it on your computer using the word processing software of your choice —->


Once completed, upload the worksheet to Canvas as a .doc or Docx file – this is the only file type that will be accepted!

Academic Integrity:

You may only use the course materials on Canvas to complete this assignment. Outside sources are not permitted. If any words or ideas are found to come from an unauthorized outside source, you will receive a grade of 0 and an Academic Alert will be filed.

Students are also NOT permitted to work together. If your worksheet is significantly similar to a classmate’s, you will both receive a grade of 0, and Academic Alerts will be filed.

Finally, please be advised that your assignment will be run through plagiarism checking software — if you plagiarize you’ll get caught, so don’t do it!

Late Policy:

All assignments and exams must be uploaded to Canvas by their posted deadlines. Late assignments will not be accepted. If a medical issue or unforeseeable circumstance prevents a student from completing an assignment or exam, they must contact the instructor BEFORE the deadline. Documentation/evidence may be required to obtain accommodations/extensions

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