sustainability challenges associated with urban dynamics

I need some assistance with these assignment. sustainability challenges associated with urban dynamics Thank you in advance for the help! A lack of understanding of unexpected growth consequences may also lead to urban sprawl. The government, in most cases, has not taken into consideration the implications of urban sprawl. The government’s action of allowing developers to do as they wish may also cause urban sprawl.

When people over depend on automobiles for transportation, urban sprawl may also result. Developments in the urban areas involve the use of materials such as stone, cement, and asphalt.

Subsidies on automobiles play a critical role in the spreading of urban sprawl. This, according to Hanson (1992), enables automobile owners to incur low costs of transportation and thus encouraging urban sprawl. People will find it easy to commute by cars from the suburbs. The table that follows gives subsidies for the years 1983 according to the value of the dollar in 1987, Madison, Wisconsin.


Though the statistics date back to more than a decade ago, the subsidies for automobile users imply that people found it easy to own and maintain vehicles, and thus suburbs grew rapidly. This is because. such people could live away from the town center and still drive there. We can imagine the gradual increase in automobiles’ use leading to nitrogen emissions, including sulfur oxides and carbon dioxide. The scenario led to impacts including air pollution, personal injury, and environmental damage due to salt on roads. Air pollution came in the form of acid rain and climate change. Rampant use of automobiles led to injuries from accidents, property damage, and fatalities. The use of salt on roads during winter has brought problems of acid rain and water pollution. According to Hanson (1992), Madison’s total damage from air pollution, personal injury, and road salt amounted to $4.7 billion. Amazingly, vehicles and highway structures were responsible for 90 percent of the damage.

Consequences of urban sprawl

Although urban sprawl looks desirable and satisfying for the urban rich, it has brought various undesirable environmental impacts. This paper deals not only with ecological impacts but also social and economic effects. Social and economic effects relate to the environmental impact because the two can lead to the latter.

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