the drivers and effects of colonization within that Japan

Provide an introduction to Japan. What were the drivers and effects of colonization within that Japan?

On the globalEDGE website (, use the Global Insights tab and select By Country to Japan. Select the Indices subsection, and review the information presented under the KOF Index of Globalization.

  • What three main aspects of globalization are measured of Japan?
  • Analyze the information and provide explanations for the level of development in Japan. Why do they have the economy they have based on those three categories?

Locate Japan in the Global Insights section on the globalEDGE website. Review the Economy, Trade Statistics, and Statistics subsections. What are some of the trends? How is age distribution related to the per capita GDP, international trade volume, and the types of products exported by the country? How can the socioeconomic features of each of the country be used as a predictor of the level of development?

Identify two significant multinational companies (that originated in another country) that are present in Japan

Justify why those multinationals entered Japan. What challenges did they face? What opportunities did they encounter?

Identify two significant multilateral world organizations in which Japan country participates and describe the effect on each of Japan.

Identify the significant free trade agreements and trade blocs of Japan.

Describe the factors that influence exchange rate movement and the implications for international business for Japan

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