a pesticide in the Analytical Lab Testing

use one of the samples that failed a pesticide in the Analytical Lab Testing assignment (M4.3). You are free to pick any of the samples that failed the for this assignment.

Develop a plan of action and write a strategy for a cannabis product recall. To do so, you must find and read the applicable regulations for cannabis recalls in your jurisdiction.

In your plan, you should address the following issues:

  • Identification of who and what is responsible
  • Procedures to determine the total quantity produced or distributed, and when it was produced and received
  • Steps for how to segregate and store any questionable inventory
  • How and when to properly dispose of products not passing requirements
  • A timeline for reporting to relevant regulatory departments
  • A procedure for quickly identifying all purchasers of the product
  • Methods you will use to contact purchasers in the most effective and appropriate manner
  • A plan to remedy the situation with customers
  • A process to identify and notify all other vendors and persons in the supply chain
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