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Rugby is the rugby union group and the rugby league, where the two form a sports team. Some pioneers argue that rugby football kicked off at a place called Circa I the year 1845 is a Rugby school in England an area well known as Warwickshire, Rugby, even though all forms of the football where the game was played ended up to medieval in times. In 1895, 21 clubs diverted from the original Union of Rugby football and went on to form the Union, which was referred to as the Northern Union. This is the Union that was named rugby league in 1922. The split took place in the George Hotel in Huddersfield (Hope, 2002). The separation resulted in making Rugby into two sports in the year 1895. The main agenda and issue that led to the split were believed to be the players’ salary, which turned the rugby league’s most appearing code to be diplomatic and give compensation to the players. The whole professional thing came out fully in the year 1995.

The Greeks and the Romans are recognized for their passion for ball games, and mostly the use of the feet. There is a belief that the Roman game was adapted from a Greek team, Episkyros. And this was mentioned by a Greek playwright between 388-311 BC in Antiphanes and later referred to by a particular Christian theologian Clement of Alexandria, which was between c.15o and c.215 AD. Many of these games had a resemblance to rugby football (Jackson & Hokowhitu, 2002). And a sarcastic issue when a Politian from the Romans describes a man who lost his life while getting some barber services and a ball from the pitch was kicked and came in the barber’s shop.

In the United Kingdom, Australia, France, and New Zealand, the Rugby league is very popular, and this stands to be among its strengths. Compared with other sports games, it is ranked as the 6th most popular game in the whole world (Brown, Griffiths & Cronin, 2014). Many countries play football games and basketball games, but when it comes to the rugby game, it is less played than how football and basketball are played. Ideally, many may refrain from playing the rugby game as it seems to be a more violent kind of sport, and this puts a distance between the game and the people who might be interested in its participation. There are also opportunities and also threats in the rugby game league. There is a chance got which can be used to expand this game to other countries. If more companies are put on board, there will be an increase in the sport’s popularity. According to the research conducted, the rugby game has got a chance to expand to other more countries that watch the game and follow it on the level of an amateur. Ideally, it is believed that American football came from the rugby game. This brings on board the competition issue in consideration during the expansion phase since many of the most popular sports are played in many countries as compared to Rugby.

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