Contract of Employment in Oman Business Law

need 2 different assignment


Solve task number 3 of CASE STUDY :


QUESTIONS: Q1. Discuss in detail about the information required in contract of employment in Oman? (, 400-word limit).


Q2. Analyze the Contract of Work in context of Oman. In what circumstances the contract of work gets terminated as per Oman Labour Law. (, 400- word limit).


Q3. Examine the obligation of companies towards the society in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) during the current pandemic situation (Covid-19) in context of Oman. (400-word limit)


. Task – IV. Write a brief reflective report on MOOC course on any topic pertaining to Business law domain, highlighting your learning from the course, benefits and the challenges if any along with proof of the participation of the course. (. 100 Words).

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