cultural diversity and worldview perspective of an individual

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses cultural diversity and worldview perspective of an individual. The discussion seeks to describe cultural diversity and the worldview perspective in relation to the accrued knowledge of a Malaysian-Chinese individual.

Currently, the global perspective concerning the family tree is changing drastically. The half Malaysian-Chinese population befalls challenges for they are unable to establish the ideal culture and worldview perspective. At the age of 23, the challenges surrounding the family emanate from evaluation of people’s view about families and their general critics and the ideal and ethical conduct of people and their family members (Gannon, and Rajnandini 53). The modern society acknowledges individualism thus the practice has led to the emergence of nuclear families. In this case, extended families are continuously fading and the parents in the nuclear families are forcing their children to contribute financially to all incurred costs after attaining a majority age. According to the Malaysian and Chinese cultures, the family determines the future characters that descendants would present to the society hence exposure to poor living conditions serves to propel antisocial practices (Schultz, and Robert 35).

Further, most of the knowledge accrued emanates from the learning process of the two cultures as told by the extended family members. Challenges emanate from the need to relate effectively with the existing perspective of worldview. The desire prevails among members of the society despite the existence of constraints. For instance, the global society sets five factors for understanding before acknowledgement of cultural diversity and worldview variables. The world upholds religion as the basis for determining spiritualism and ones related to a supreme being. Arguably, Malaysian and Chinese differ on a religious basis. The choice of Christianity may favour the Malaysian family worldview while contrasting with the Chinese worldview simultaneously.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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