How Can Employees Benefit from A Survey Intervention Program

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Week 9: Interactive activity


9.1 Learning Outcomes:

Distinguish between involuntary and voluntary turnover and discuss how each of these forms of turnover can be leveraged for competitive advantage.


List the major elements that contribute to perceptions of justice and how to apply these in organizational contexts involving discipline and dismissal.

Specify the relationship between job satisfaction and various forms of job withdrawal and identify the major sources of job satisfaction in work contexts.


Design a survey feedback intervention program and use this to promote retention of key organizational personnel.


List the main decision areas and concepts in employee compensation management.

Describe the major administrative tools used to manage employee compensation.

Explain the importance of competitive labor market and product market forces in compensation decisions.

Discuss the significance of process issues such as communication in compensation management.

Describe new developments in the design of pay structures.

Explain where the United States stands on pay issues from an international perspective.

Explain the reasons for the controversy over executive pay.

Describe the regulatory framework for employee compensation.

9.2 Action Required:

Design a survey feedback intervention program for an organization of your choice.

9.3  (Question):

How can employees benefit from a survey intervention program which is drafted by you?

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