Hwee Min’s Taxis

Hwee Min’s Taxis charges RM 3.00 per kilometer or part of a kilometer plus RM 2.00 per five minutes or part of five minutes of journey time. I have used Hwee Min’s Taxis twice today: to take me from my hotel to a business appointment this morning, and later to take me back to the hotel. The journey there was 6.2 kilometers, but because of heavy traffic it took 43 minutes. On the journey back, the driver took a different route which, although it was 8.8 kilometers, only took 19 minutes. How much less did I pay for the journey back than for the journey there?

A. RM6.00

B. RM4.00

C RM9.00

D RM1.00

Xindy wants to buy two different games to play this weekend. She has a choice of two stores from which to buy the games. At the first store one of the games is RM 10 cheaper than the other game. The second store normally sells each game for RM 2 more than the first store, but has an offer at the moment that the more expensive game is sold at half price when the two games are bought together. Xindy can save RM 6 in total by shopping at the second store rather than the first. What is the total amount that Xindy will pay for the games?

A. RM18

B. RM20

C. RM14

D. RM16

My brother and I both have an online account with the same bank. As part of the log in process, two digits of a 5-digit passcode have to be entered. The digits must always be entered in the order they appear in the passcode. Some time ago, I saw my brother enter 5 followed by 7 when asked to enter the 2nd and 4th digits of his passcode. Since then I have not been able to see which digits he has been asked for, but I have seen him enter 8 followed by 5 and 2 followed by 8. I am hoping to surprise him by deducing his passcode next time I see him log in. Which of the following entries would NOT allow me to deduce his passcode with certainty next time I see him log in (assuming that I won’t know which digits he has been asked for)?

A. 2 followed by 5

B. 5 followed by 2

C. 8 followed by 7

D. 7 followed by 8

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