improving schools and empowering educators

Write a 5 pages paper on improving schools and empowering educators. Teachers must always make sure that students are paying attention in class, and they must also ensure that they make their presence known while conducting lessons. A short lapse in concentration from either participant could influence many other students to feel comfortable in gliding through classroom activities. I would like to improve, to the highest level possible, classroom participation.

Like participation, punctuality applies to both students and teachers. Teachers and students must observe the time if classroom activities are to be productive. Students should not be late for classes, and in case they are late they must have genuine explanations. Similarly, teachers must honor timelines so that they avoid inconveniencing not only students but also their colleagues. They must conduct their classes within stipulated times to allow the school program to run smoothly. Punctuality does not apply to availability for the start of lessons alone. It also applies to breaks during lessons (Mertler, 2013). If a student asks to be excused to use the washrooms he must take a reasonable amount of time to avoid disrupting the lesson. At the same time, teachers who request to attend to other matters during lessons should respect schedules. A 10-minute break should be a 10-minute break, no more.

Lesson planning entails developing clear timelines, goals, objectives, and approaches to teaching a particular subject. Lesson planning must be done expeditiously, prudently, accurately, and comprehensively. Research shows that poor planning of lessons is a major factor in poor delivery and uptake of concepts by teachers and students (Mertler, 2013). Teachers should know what they will be teaching before the start of a new academic term or year, and make this known to students so that they can prepare for lessons. Teachers should also develop SMART (smart, measurable, accurate, realistic, and time-conscious) learning objectives that help students prepare for and understand the syllabus. Students, on the other hand, should work independently to prepare for and comprehend the syllabus and lessons.

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