Pygmy Rabbits

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Pygmy Rabbits. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Pygmy rabbits are among the unique creatures mainly found in North America. They are the smallest of all rabbits found in North America. The mass of a pygmy rabbit is approximately half the mass of a normal mountain cottontail rabbit. The adult males and females differ in size where adult females are larger than the male pygmy rabbits. In appearance, pygmy rabbits are mostly confused with juvenile cottontail rabbits but pygmy rabbits have several distinctive features. Unlike all other rabbit species in Utah, pygmy rabbits have the uniform brown coloration of tails. In addition pygmy, rabbits have small and neutral-colored tails that may give an impression of these rabbits being tailless.

Pygmy rabbits are listed among the endangered species in the world (Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, 2013). These rabbit species have a large number of predators that kill and consume them. In addition, pygmy rabbits are small and slow in avoiding predators thus ending up being captured and killed. Therefore, species of pygmy rabbits should be conserved to ensure that these species are not extinct over time. Research is one of the appropriate strategies that can be used to conserve the endangered species effectively.

Research on Pygmy rabbits is necessary in order to identify various features, habits, survival traits, and habitat requirements of pygmy rabbits. The study on pygmy rabbits will cover important information such as morphological description, taxonomy and distribution, habitat and habitat requirements, activity and movement patterns, survivorship and reproduction, food habits, population demographics, and conservation plans. A study of these areas will enable different conservation bodies and governments to adopt various strategies in order to conserve pygmy rabbits.


The study on pygmy rabbits will involve acquiring morphological description. Morphological information required in the study will be based on the structure and forms of the pygmy rabbits. The morphological description will include size, average weight, color, total length, unique features, and habits of the pygmy rabbits. Morphological information should cover all the structural aspects of the pygmy rabbits.

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